Exciting News #DynamiteGirl!! Your hair requires little to no maintenance. Isn’t that amazing? Dynamite Hair is truly premium quality. You do NOT need to burn your ends NOR dip your extensions in hot water after your install. All our hairstyles are ready to wear.

1. Day to Day Maintenance

  • Dynamite Hair can be worn from two (2) to eight (8) weeks depending on the style and how you care for them. But we recommend a duration of four (4) weeks
  • Use an edge control or gel to tame your edges and style your baby hairs
  • Mix clean water, leave in conditioner and coconut oil/essential oils in a spray bottle
  • Spray over your extensions every few days for added moisture
  • Trim gently with a scissors any frizz or knots that may form on your extensions regularly. Do this as you would normal braids
  • Feel free to use styling mousse if you are wearing a curly hairstyle or braids  

2. Night Time Routine

  • Wear your hair up in a pineapple or a convenient updo
  • Cover with a satin bonnet or scarf
  • Get your beauty sleep

3. Styling

  • Now this is the fun part. Your hair can be rocked in so many ways
  • You may need elastic hair bands, bobby pins and hair accessories
  • Get your Dynamite Hair on fleek daily. See different styling pictures below for inspiration